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Bronze Ambassadors

The Bronze Ambassador programme was introduced by the Youth Sport Trust in 2011 to recognise the leadership abilities of upper KS2 pupils in Primary and Junior Schools.

To become a Bronze Ambassador a pupil needs to meet the following criteria:

•             Ideally be in Year 5 or 6.
•             Be a talented performer and/or a committed leader and volunteer.
•             Be a positive role model within the school.

There are then a set of essential requirements to help with the selection of each Bronze Ambassador such as:

•             Ability to influence and inspire other young people.
•             Ability to lead and manage other young leaders.
•             Excellent communication skills with other young people and adults.
•             Ability to show initiative and take responsibility.
•             Ability to portray a positive image and be a good role model to young people.
•             Organised, with good time management skills.

Once a young person is chosen to become a Young Ambassador they then receive a polo top and baseball cap so that they can be easily identified when performing their role within their school. Their roles and responsibilities include:

•             To increase participation and healthy lifestyles in their school.
•             To promote the positive values of sport in and through sport.
•             To be an ambassador and role model advocating PE and school sport.
•             To be the young people’s voice on PE and school sport in their school.

In 2011 schools were approached by the Gosport School Sport Partnership to nominate suitable pupils to be registered as a Bronze Ambassador. The schools that got involved in this programme were:


•            Bedenham Primary School
•            Newtown Primary School
•            Rowner Junior School
•            St Marys Primary School

•            Woodcot Primary School


For 2012 those schools that have signed up to a Gold package have the opportunity to receive five hours of Bronze Ambassador training as well as YoUR Leaders training to support their Year 5 and 6 pupils to become the best leaders they can be.

Training has already taken place in Brockhurst Junior School in September 2012, where 12 pupils – 6 Year 5 and 6 Year 6 pupils have been identified by their Head Teacher and through the YoUR Leaders programme (delivered by the SSP) to become Bronze Ambassadors for the school. They will be responsible for their lunchtime sports and activity programme for the remainder of the academic year.

To become involved in the Bronze Ambassador programme – Schools need to contact the SSP team either to book in their training or provide names of identified pupils to be registered on the programme.
Bronze Ambassador and YoUR leader training will commence from April 2013 and schools need to contact Kat Heathers (Partnership Coordinator) to book in their preferred training times.


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