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Primary yoUR Leaders


This academic year select schools across Gosport have been able to access training for pupils in upper KS1 and upper KS2 through the yoUR Leaders programme.

Partnership Coordinator – Kat Heathers has been delivering a 5 week programme in schools designed to teach pupils the basics of being a good sports leader and giving them the confidence to support activities within their PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs.

 All pupils then go through an assessment in their final weeks before finding out if they have passed the course.

Pupils in Year 5 and in Year 6 from St Mary’s Primary, Holbrook Primary and Bedenham Primary have already been involved in the programme, which has seen 90% of pupils pass the course.
During February and March 2012 children in Year 2 from Alverstoke Infant School and Lee on Solent Infant School have taken part in the leadership programme learning the different roles of managers, officials and team captains.
A simple leadership award scheme has been created to assist with the recognition of leadership in young people:

Key stage one

• I can tell people what I think
• I have lots of ideas
• I can work on my own
• I like PE
• I know when I am doing well
• I like working with others
• I ask good questions
• I showed others an activity
• I can follow instructions
• I know how and when to warm-up 

Key stage two

• I try hard to understand others
• I work well with others
• I can give support to others and tell them what they do well
• I can work on my own and know when to ask for help
• I know what I am good at, and what I have to improve
• I can share information with others
• I can find information using a computer
• I can communicate in different ways
• I like PE and know how to be active outside school
• I can lead a small group of people
• I have lots of ideas and know how to present them to others
• I have completed at least 5 hours of leadership
• I helped organise an event
• I know how I could help in secondary school

On their record cards young people are encouraged
to collect stickers showing their progress. Each key
stage has three compulsory stickers, the rest are the
choice of the teacher and young person. In this way
the award truly recognizes the ability of the child.

Delivery will be continuing throughout 2012 engaging the remaining schools that can access the programme.


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