Gosport School Sport Partnership

Virtual Competition

Infant Agility Infant Agility KS1 Activity Card
  Infant Agility Virtual Competition - Format and Guidelines
  Infant Agility Virtual Competition - Results sheet
  KS1 Infant Agility certificate
  KS1 Infant Agility certificate_Best Individual Performance
  KS1 Infant Agility certificate_Best Performing Year Group
Pedometer Challenge Pedometer Challange certificate
  Pedometer Challenge KS1 VC - Format and Guidelines
  Pedometer Challenge KS1 VC - Results Sheet
  Pedometer Challenge KS1 VC - Rules
Speed Bounce KS2 Speed Bounce Challenge VC_Format and Guidelines
  Speed Bounce Challenge certificate
  Speed Bounce Virtual Competition - Results sheet
Target Throw KS1_2 Target Throw Challenge VC_Format and Guidelines
  Target Throw Challenge certificate
  Target Throw Virtual Competition - Results sheet
Shuttle Run Shuttle Run Challenge certificate
  Shuttle Run Challenge KS2 VC_Format and Guidelines
  Shuttle Run Challenge Results sheet
Tri-Golf Challenge KS2 Tri-Golf Challenge VC Format and Guidelines
  KS2 Tri-Golf Challenge VC Results Sheet
  KS2 Tri-Golf Challenge VC Score Card
  KS2 Tri-Golf Challenge Activity Cards
Basket Ball Basketball Free Throw Virtual Competition - Results sheet
  KS3_4 Virtual Basketball Free Throw Challenge
Indoor Rowing Go race record sheet
  KS3_4 Virtual Rowing Guidelines
  VC Rowing Challenge Poster






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